Rich Media Metrics For Business Optimization

About Digital KPI

Digital KPI was founded by Harish Chand, a self-admitted data junkie who has had a passion for web analytics since the early days of the web.  While in an Economics PhD program at UC Berkeley, Chand received a National Science Foundation grant to study online decision making and clickstream tracking. His co-recipient and advisor, Daniel McFadden, later received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2000. Chand has designed the web analytics systems for numerous rich media web sites, specializing in tracking and analysis of state of the art web sites employing ajax technologies, user generated content, and internet video. Chand is also a software industry veteran, having worked in Search, Natural Language, CRM, and MSN Video at Microsoft, before leaving Microsoft in 2007 to start Digital KPI.

The Digital KPI Commitment

Digital KPI is a firm believer in the value of web analytics data and its ability to help you conduct and optimize your business. Our mission is to help you maximize the value of your web analytics data. Whether you are a Fortune 50 company or small business with big dreams, our pledge to you remains the same:

  • Responsiveness
  • Reliability
  • Commitment
  • Results