Rich Media Metrics For Business Optimization

Services We Provide

Digital Signal Instrumentation. Are you still thinking of your tracking in terms of pageviews or in terms of digital signals which you can use to optimize your marketing efforts and ROI? At Digital KPI, we helped pioneer the use of tag management to improve onsite and offsite intrumentation which can organize your digital signals into rich user profile views which you can use to better target your prospects and customers.

Data Management Platform Implementation. Are you capturing digital signals but having trouble organizing them into the proper taxonomies which you can use to drive your marketing efforts. At Digital KPI, we've helped develop taxonomies which led to 5000% ROAS for retargeting efforts. Contact us to find out how we can help ou do the same.

Site optimization. Are you getting the most out of your web analytics solution? We can help you optimize your implementation to better meet your business requirements and take advantage of the full capabilities of your analytics provider.

Voice of the customer integration.  Are you integrating your voice of the customer data with your site analytics data to yield a powerful combination of qualitative and quantitative data?  Digital KPI has integrated user feedback with the site usage data of leading web sites to help uncover areas of poor performance and user dissatisfaction.

Email and CRM integration. Are you integrating your email and CRM systems with your web analytics system so that you can analyze the performance of your lifecycle marketing efforts and remarket to the right user segments?  Digital KPI has experience in integrating valuable, but often fragmented Email, CRM, and Web Analytics systems, so that you can provide the right messages at the right time, and measure the ROI.

Multivariate testing. The web is the ultimate laboratory, yet unfortunately, many sites do not take advantage of the dynamic capabilities of their web site. Small changes to site design can often lead to large changes in conversion rates. With extensive background in statistical testing and site design, Digital KPI can help you conduct the tests to better optimize your site design.

Data analysis and reporting. Are you swimming in data without the time or expertise to properly analyze it? Digital KPI has extensive experience in dashboard design and statistical modeling. We can help you organize, analyze, and act on your valuable business data.